June 2018

Boat trip – June 13


Gerald loaded up the crew this morning to check out a couple spots on the boat with a glassy head high swell. Check out Gerald's photos! the crew Audrea heading out Duncan jumping ship Scott off the bottom unknown late-dropping a right as Duncan looks on Felipe [...]

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Weekend Boat Trip


Mike and Gerald loaded up the crew today to head out on a boat trip and check out a couple spots with this clean head high swell that's running. Check out Gerald's photos. loading up the Landcrusier in the morning heading out on the boat pulling up to an empty first [...]

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July 2017

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos July 29


Popoyo had perfect conditions today with a new southerly overhead swell being groomed by light to moderate offshore winds. Peaks were cracking up and down the beach under sunny skies. Outer Reef was working during the morning's high tide. Gerald and Mike were on hand to capture the action. Check it out.     [...]

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June 2017

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos June 30


Popoyo was graced by an nicely angled overhead south swell groomed by moderate offshore winds today. Outer Reef had a couple sets at the early morning high tide, but the largest sets were inconsistent and the offshores were gusting through Sardinas valley and tattering the peak. The peak at Popoyo was throwing the occasional [...]

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June 3 Popoyo Surf Photos


Popoyo surf photos of today's overhead clean conditions.  Yesterday we saw a rapidly building swell and this morning had clean conditions a couple hours after low tide. Conditions were clean with offshore winds 10-15 miles per hour with sunny skies and intermittent clouds. The peak had hungry surfers jostling for position and the set waves [...]

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May 2017

Popoyo Surf Photos May 1


  Bomb's away! Been a while since I've seen Popoyo with this much size. Left and right bombs coming in at the peak and very light offshore overcast conditions. Check out our surf guide Gerald's photos! bombing peaks big glassy rights peeling lefts Stoney's working today rippable walls tapering [...]

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April 2017

Popoyo Surf Photos April 30


Popoyo Nicaragua showed a building overhead swell today during the morning high tide. Conditions improved later as the tide got lower - beautiful and sunny with light offshores. We had our guests Dan, Morgan, Nick, and Jimmy out getting one last session before heading to the airport. Also an inspiration to see JJ out surfing Popoyo [...]

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Popoyo Surf Photos April 23


  Popoyo Nicaragua continues today with overhead glassy surf. We've been having a rare weather pattern for April with light onshore winds coming through around mid-day for the past 3 days. This is a sign that the first rains of the year are likely to fall soon. The mornings have been very fun. Check [...]

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Popoyo Surf Photos April 17th


Popoyo Nicaragua showing head high clean conditions today with occasional overhead sets. Sunny skies and light offshore winds creating crisp runners. Our surf guide Gerald was on hand to take photos of the surfers who were in the water today. Check em out...     just beautiful conditions today local boy Dayton [...]

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Popoyo Surf Photos April 4th


Popoyo Nicaragua offered up fun surf in the head high range with overhead sets today. Winds were light offshore and conditions were pristine during the morning's incoming tide. Our surf guide Gerald was on hand to capture the action.     we arrived to the beach and found perfect peeling waves our [...]

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