January 2017

Popoyo Nicaragua Through the Lens of Conor Barry

Popoyo Nicaragua through the lens of Conor Barry (all photos by Conor Barry) To start, my name is Conor Barry. I am 23-year-old surfer and photographer from Long Island, New York. My time in Nicaragua started back in April of 2016.  Me and a few of my friends were looking to go on a [...]

Popoyo Surf Photos January 26

Popoyo had fun waves this morning on the incoming tide. Today has been one of the better days of January with fun swell and light to moderate offshore winds. Check out Gerald's photos. We are going to check out a beachbreak later that should be fun.     seeing this perfect peak reel off [...]

Popoyo Surf Photos January 25

Popoyo had fun glassy surf with sets up to shoulder high. This is a typical size for January. This month also has typically strong offshore winds. Today the wind was nice and light providing glassy conditions. This has also allowed the water to warm back up after it had cooled down due to offshore [...]

Playa Colorado Surf Photos January 13

Playa Colorado provided consistent tubing conditions for our lucky guests today. Gerald was there to capture the action. Check out the photos.     beautiful mysto left peak down the beach our guest Cole in there like a baby seal guest Dan pulling the ol' hand brake   our guest Colton from [...]

Playa Santana Surf Photos January 13

Playa Santana continues with fun waves today. The offseason swell we have been seeing is still consistent with some overhead sets. Conor was on hand to capture some of the action. Check it out.     Mario showing how a real Santana stud handles a dreamy long right barrel   Darwin "el brujo"  [...]

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Photos January 13

Playa Santana had consistent head high hollow conditions today for this afternoon's high tide. Check out Gerald's photos.   pulled up and saw this #landcruiservision nice A-frames coming through and peeling away... this wedge is so fun when it's working how's that wedge? is that you D-lite? [...]

Playa Santana Surf Report January 12

We pulled up to Playa Santana and saw fun waves. Nice afternoon high tide session with plenty of barrels to be had. Check out the photos below always a beautiful sight to see stalling up for a tube pig-dogging it fun lefts coming through check back tomorrow folks [...]

August 2016

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos August 16th

Popoyo Nicaragua had fun glassy chest high surf today. Low tide was at 7am. We will be checking out some beachbreaks later as the tide comes in. We have a group of guys from South Carolina loving the fun playful peaks and glassy conditions. The swell is forecast to pick up the next couple days. Big [...]

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos August 13

Popoyo continues with fun glassy surf in the chest to shoulder high range today. We went down to the beach in the morning with our guest Billy Z and his sons for Billy's 50th birthday. Gerald was on hand to capture the action. Birthday boy Billy Z with his sons Davey and Liam [...]

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photo Gallery August 6

Fun surf continues this morning in Popoyo Nicaragua. Overhead SW swell from the past couple days is fading today but still showing head high sets. We have our regular sunny skies and offshore winds today after Hurricane Earl has dissipated over the mountains of Mexico. Thanks to our surf guide Gerald for sharing today's surf photos. still some [...]