August 2016

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos August 5

Popoyo Nicaragua was fun this morning during the dropping tide. Head high to overhead SW groundswell hitting Nicaragua is holding today. We have cloudy skies this morning. Thankfully we have our regular offshore wind pattern back today. Thanks to our surf guide Gerald for sharing a couple of today's surf photos. fun overhead drops tapering down [...]

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos August 4 – Nicawaves Popoyo Nicaragua

Popoyo Nicaragua once again had fun surf today. A new SW swell in the head high to slightly overhead range arrived overnight. It is making fun peaks with longer rights. Hurricane Earl made landfall in Belize today and has caused our typical offshore winds to become light and variable. We also have a few rain showers and cloudy [...]

Playa Santana Surf Photos August 3 – Nicawaves Popoyo Nicaragua

We caught a quick session at Popoyo and then went to Santana when the tide came in. Our surf guide Gerald was on hand to take photos. fun rippable peaks at Popoyo in the morning got to Santana and saw Brian on this fun left local Michael on a sweet left our guest from [...]

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos August 1

Popoyo was providing fun surf today. A holding swell SSW swell was groomed by light offshores and a rising mid-morning tide. Our surf guide Gerald was on the beach to capture the action Mike caught barrel dodging our guest Dirk carving up a fun right young local off the bottom off the top Morrie styling on [...]

July 2016

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August 2015

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Photos August 22

We have chest to shoulder high glassy surf under overcast skies this morning. Thanks to our surf guide Gerald for sharing this morning's photos from Popoyo. our guest Becky leaning into a nice glassy wall our guest Sunny from San Clemente California navigating morning traffic buttery glass conditions this morning [...]

July 2015

Popoyo Surf Photos July 24

Popoyo was bringing in the swell again this morning. While the boys were going mad in huge barrels out the back at outer reef, we had a fun little inside session with Billy Z and his 2 sons. Check out Gerald's photos. the boys were paddling and whipping into some bombs at outer reef [...]

Popoyo Morning Session Photos

Popoyo was showing a strong new swell this morning. Overcast skies and glassy conditions this morning at high tide. Our friend Billy Z arrived to town last night with his wife and 2 sons; they were eager to catch some waves. Check out our surf guide Gerald Acevedo's photos. Billy showing his son Davey [...]

Playa Colorado Surf Photos July 20

Our surf guide Gerald got the crew on some fun tubes at Playa Colorado today. Check it out. All photos courtesy of Gerald. right tubes peeling across the bar our guest Pete from South Carolina. Out there! backhander on a bomb Pete picking off a nugget. Yeah Pete! [...]

Morning Surf Photos Nicawaves Popoyo Nicaragua

Good morning folks. Our crew caught fun waves this morning and our surf guide Gerald was on hand to take photos. our guest Tom from Wales Tom wailing on his backhand our guest Joe from Florida feeling at home Charlie from Panama throwing fans Big Thomas [...]