Playa Santana Surf Report June 12

playa santana

We’ve had a couple weeks of variable winds with some onshores in the mix. Seems to happen every year during the last couple weeks of May and first week of June.

We’ve got dropping swell on tap today. A little slow, but some fun waves to be had for sure.

playa santanacloudy this morning. some nice tee pees coming through, all the locals were down south competing in a surf contest

first peak beachbreakour guest Amy has really enjoyed thawing out from a long winter skiing in Montana

rancho santanasome nice ones slipping by the crew

surf nicaraguashoulder hopping a nugget

right point break nicaraguasome rights were cracking down the beach to the north

surf intern nicaraguaour surf intern Matt is settling into his simple routine of surfing, eating, and sleeping

Check back soon amigos. Wednesday is looking good!

Santana Nicaragua Surf Report May 12

playa santana nicaragua

We’ve got a couple friends of ours from South Carolina down on their honeymoon enjoying the beaches and surf of Nicaragua with us. Surfed a couple beaches today and here are some photos from one session.

santana nicaragua

nothing like getting spit out of a tube. here’s your shot you asked about buddy!

jacob stackleynewlyweds Jacob and Krista Stackley heading out for a surf together

Jacob StackleyJake Rips!

mario martinez nicaraguaMario always on the best waves

Krista took over camera duty and got this shot of Jake

and a couple of me trying to get barreled

playa santana nicaragua

Flor de Cana Nicaragua

smiles all around, surfed out and sipping on some Flor de Cana poolside.

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report March 19

popoyo nicaragua march 19


Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report. My old friend Tony Silvagni is in Nicaragua and came up from San Juan on his first trip to Popoyo. I hadn’t seen Tony for a while; he’s been quite busy travelling the world, not to mention placing 9th in the world for the 2010 World Longboard Professional Tour. He’s also a ripping shortboarder. We paddled out shortly after the full moon low tide and caught some fun ones even though the tide was still too low. Some fun sets started pouring through as the tide started moving in.

popoyo nicaragua march 19

popoyo nicaragua march 19

playa popoyo

Tony off the top

tony silvagni nicaragua

Tony off the top on a right

tony silvagni

Tony snapping on a left. This guy catches a lot of waves

Tony was getting hungry after snagging so many peaks. We went back to our restaurant and had a few NicaWaves burgers, fries, snickers and Cokes for him and his crew. They’d never been to the area, and I wanted to show him a nearby beachbreak. I really enjoyed seeing the look of stoke come over Tony’s face as we drove up the beach looking sideways into hollow barrels beginning to pour through the beachbreak with the incoming tide.

rancho santana

here's what we saw driving up the beach

tony highlining for a tube

locals rule. Darwin Jacamo was driving through the best set waves

Junior Martinez bashing a helpless lip

Tony locked deep in a barrel

the surf continued picking up through the rising lunar tide

the so called "supermoon" rising over Popoyo. the closest it's been to earth in 18 years

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report March 5

playa santana nicaragua

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report. Santana has not been breaking that well for the past month or two, but  the beach is slowly starting to take shape again. There is a lot of sand built up above the high tide line, creating a steep beach and a lot of backwash. There were a few fun waves coming in before dark today. Check back soon. Mid to late week is looking good, and early next week it looks like we may be seeing our first larger swell of the 2011 season.

playa santana nicaragua

playa santana nicaragua - first peak


our guest Miles had no trouble from South Carolina had no trouble adapting to the conditions on the first day of his trip

Mario Martinez

Mario with a bruising backlit backside bash

Dana Seagraves

Dana from South Carolina banking off a section

Santana Nicaragua Surf Report December 15

rancho santana

Fun surf and strong offshores at Santana today. The swell is holding and so are the strong offshores. Some good waves coming in. Waves look to hold and wind dropping off slightly tomorrow.

rancho santana

Junior on a nice one. He got deep and came out clean.

surf nicaragua

some size coming through. Irnan giving this one a sniff.

nicaragua surfing

Junior all over everything this morning

uncrowded surf in Nicaragua

some nice looking empty rights coming through

girls surfing Nicaragua

Rosa getting some nice ones today

Santana Nicaragua Surf Report December 14


Fun peaks coming through Playa Santana Nicaragua today. The offshore winds are strong and gusty, but the waves are holding decent shape with some tubes on offer. The winds are forecasted to remain strong tomorrow as the swell holds a similar size the next 2 or 3 days.

rancho santana

Irnan driving through a first peaker

Trav pulling in deep on a right

santana locals

Junior coming through another tube

surf nicaragua

nice one slipped past the boys

girls in nicaragua

beach weather has been perfect. water about 80 and air in the high 70s

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report December 13

rancho santana

Playa Santana showed building swell this morning. The winds were completely slack, resulting in dead glass at first light this morning. Very uncrowded at first light. A long period swell started to show last night, and the period this morning was up around 18 seconds, resulting in slightly stretched and walled conditions at this beachbreak. There were a few corners to be had first thing here, and it may have improved as the water filled in and offshores picked up, but Popoyo is the better call when the swell is this long period. Check back tomorrow!

rancho santana

nice peak sequence 1

playa santana

nice peak sequence 2

surf nicaragua

left wedge

Nicaragua dog

our guest Dana from South Carolina walked down with our mascot, Little Buddy

nicaragua beachbreak

Dana, up and riding on his first wave of the morning

dogs in Popoyo

our friendly and playful mascot, Little Buddy

Playa Santana Surf Report December 12

rancho santana

Playa Santana provided small but fun surf this morning. The new swell hasn’t showed yet, but there were plenty of fun waves in the chest high range. The weather and water are absolutely perfect at the moment.

rancho santana

fun rights coming off third peak

first peak santana

empty first peaker

horseback riding nicaragua

which would you rather ride?

playa santana

traveling surfer slashing off the top

nicawaves popoyo nicaragua

Santana's favorite son, Yubert, cruising in his new NicaWaves Tee. If you're in town, swing by our place in Popoyo for a T-Shirt, $10 each, they make great Christmas presents.

Playa Santana Surf Report December 5th

rancho santana

Playa Santana provided some fun barrels for this afternoon’s high tide. This is pretty typical off-season surf for us.
The Nicaraguan summer has officially arrived. Everyday we have sunny skies, moderate offshores, and surf in the waist to head high range. Water is a perfect temperature and the crowds have dropped off nicely.

Good news! Some storms have flared up in the southern hemisphere and we will be seeing back to back swells in the overhead range next week. The waves look to build starting next Monday, December 13th. :)

rancho santana

fun ones coming in off the rocks

playa santana

Drex in the barrel and stalling for more

donald stone

Donald Stone coming through another deep barrel

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report October 14


Playa Santana offered fun barrels today. Conditions were a little wobbly and walled first thing in the morning. The offshore wind picked up a bit and the tide dropped and there were barrels coming in everywhere, one after another.

rancho santana

barrels coming in everywhere today

santana nicaragua

fun rights

surf nicaragua

going hard

october surf nicaragua

empty drainer

playa santana

Jeff, taking a break from cooking

nicaragua surfing

this guy has been ripping all over the place

nicaragua lefts

best waves unridden

girls surfing in nicaragua

view to the north