July 2012

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report July 17

Playa Santana Nicaragua provided some fun tubes this morning on the incoming tide. Our guest Jordan from South Carolina just brought a water camera down and I swam out to test it out. Here's a few water shots from the first try with the water camera. our surf guide Boogie pulling in [...]

June 2012

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report June 16

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report. We had a moderate long period SW groundswell mixing in with a shorter period W windswell thanks to Hurricane Charlotta up near Mexico. Conditions were fun and light offshore. Lots of waves coming in from different directions. We cruised [...]

November 2011

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report November 7

We loaded up the rig this morning with Chris and Jenny Brown from South Carolina and Fred, Corrado, Romain, and Damien from France looking for waves. We arrived and found draining overhead tubes.   [...]

September 2011

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report September 25

Fun off-season surf continues. Here's the first spot we checked. Manny some fun ones coming through Manny going straight up Manny getting a little shade empty peak down the beach throwing tubes one taker We checked out another spot mid-day and here is what we found Mario with a vert hit Darrell Goodrum was out [...]

NicaWaves Surf Report, Nicaragua September 10

Hi surfers, Mike here with your Saturday morning surf report. We woke up and had some breakfast and coffee and cruised down to a nearby beachbreak on the incoming tide. We were the first ones on it and everyone got some good ones. Joe, Jeremy, Travis, and Spiro on the way out our guest Adam [...]

June 2011

Playa Santana Surf Report June 12

We've had a couple weeks of variable winds with some onshores in the mix. Seems to happen every year during the last couple weeks of May and first week of June. We've got dropping swell on tap today. A little slow, but some fun waves to be had for sure. cloudy this morning. some nice [...]

May 2011

Santana Nicaragua Surf Report May 12

We've got a couple friends of ours from South Carolina down on their honeymoon enjoying the beaches and surf of Nicaragua with us. Surfed a couple beaches today and here are some photos from one session. nothing like getting spit out of a tube. here's your shot you asked about buddy! newlyweds Jacob and Krista [...]

March 2011

Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report March 19

  Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report. My old friend Tony Silvagni is in Nicaragua and came up from San Juan on his first trip to Popoyo. I hadn't seen Tony for a while; he's been quite busy travelling the world, not to mention placing 9th in the world for the 2010 World Longboard Professional Tour. He's [...]

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report March 5

Playa Santana Nicaragua Surf Report. Santana has not been breaking that well for the past month or two, but  the beach is slowly starting to take shape again. There is a lot of sand built up above the high tide line, creating a steep beach and a lot of backwash. There were a few fun [...]

December 2010

Santana Nicaragua Surf Report December 15

Fun surf and strong offshores at Santana today. The swell is holding and so are the strong offshores. Some good waves coming in. Waves look to hold and wind dropping off slightly tomorrow.