Several peaks working today with building swell and some bombs coming in.

popoyo outer reef

this was one of the better barrels I’ve seen all year. Jota cruised through this thing for a while before a heavy close out section ate his board for breakfast

girls in nicaragua
beautiful women on the beach this morning

look at how thick the lip is on this slab

popoyo pointbreakouter reef, the corner, inside left, and popoyo peak were all working today

popoyo surf lodgeJJs second barrel on this wave, look how shallow it is where that lip is landing

Mario martinez santana a bunch of the Santana boys came over to sample the size and power. here’s Mario ripping as usual

NicaWaves T-shirts we just got a huge new selection of Ts in. many different styles and colors. Here’s our boat captain Miler and his lovely daughter Susan Segura, our new T shirt model.

popoyo shirt
and another design by our talented friend Al McWhite

south carolina surfers South Carolina boys in the house. Clay, Jordan, and Matt. Clay’s first day in Nicaragua and Jordan’s last day. They all caught some bombs today.

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