Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report March 19


Popoyo Nicaragua Surf Report. My old friend Tony Silvagni is in Nicaragua and came up from San Juan on his first trip to Popoyo. I hadn’t seen Tony for a while; he’s been quite busy travelling the world, not to mention placing 9th in the world for the 2010 World Longboard Professional Tour. He’s also a ripping shortboarder. We paddled out shortly after the full moon low tide and caught some fun ones even though the tide was still too low. Some fun sets started pouring through as the tide started moving in.

popoyo nicaragua march 19

popoyo nicaragua march 19

playa popoyo

Tony off the top

tony silvagni nicaragua

Tony off the top on a right

tony silvagni

Tony snapping on a left. This guy catches a lot of waves

Tony was getting hungry after snagging so many peaks. We went back to our restaurant and had a few NicaWaves burgers, fries, snickers and Cokes for him and his crew. They’d never been to the area, and I wanted to show him a nearby beachbreak. I really enjoyed seeing the look of stoke come over Tony’s face as we drove up the beach looking sideways into hollow barrels beginning to pour through the beachbreak with the incoming tide.

rancho santana

here's what we saw driving up the beach

tony highlining for a tube

locals rule. Darwin Jacamo was driving through the best set waves

Junior Martinez bashing a helpless lip

Tony locked deep in a barrel

the surf continued picking up through the rising lunar tide

the so called "supermoon" rising over Popoyo. the closest it's been to earth in 18 years


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