Looking for some new surf footage? Check out this super artsy vid edited and directed by Dion Agius. Seems like all the art, culture, and models of New York and LA Dion’s been taking in have given this video a decidedly raw, gritty, and experimental feel that evokes pure moods and pyschedelia. It feels more like an 80s Billabong VHS tape but with a lot of new age maneuvers in head-highish beachbreak. There is a ton of 360 airs and alley oops going down. Nate Tylers got a great part, Dion too, and Taj Burrow goes electric on the last section. You won’t find much of that en-vogue electronic crap in the soundtrack, it’s all fuzzed up rock and roll here.

Click on the links below. Best of all this dinner is for free!

Thanks For the Dinner & The Sex from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.

*WARNING: This film features explicit material that may not be suitable for all viewers.

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